February 6, 2016 Winter Professional Development
What a great time:

breakfast.jpg breakfast4.jpg breakfast2.jpg

We hope to see you throughout the year at other AENJ Events

Spring symposium, Museum trips, YAM and more!

Our photographer, Roger, took over 900 beautiful pictures at conference this year. A must see!

Go to:
Tab down "Client Access" to “Events” scroll to the bottom of the page, AENJ Conference 2015
If you’d like to purchase images you will have to create an account, open tab LOGIN/REGISTER
Looking ahead, Conference 2016 Story & Art
Oct 9-11, add these dates to your calendar now!


Up Next: Youth Art Month 2016: My Art, My Story
State YAM ChairsJenn Tiongson, Karen Maninno and Carolyn Berry

For highlights from last year's conference, go to Conference Page


Check back here for information on NEXT Year's Conference: October 9,10 & 11.
Jane Graziano
Vice President and 2015-16 Conference Chair, AENJ