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The lessons made available here have been created by AENJ’s Division Award Winners. Attend the Breakfast & a Workshop annual event to participate in a hands-on workshop presented by division award winners. See Events/Calendar for dates and details.



















Best Practices Lessons- Designing Wallpaper, N.Lawlor, Middle

Best Practices Lesson- Drawing and Painting Don Stewart Value Collages, J.Braverman, HighSchool

Best Practices Lesson- Symmetrical Charcoal Rubbing, C.Boehm- Elementary

Best Practice Lesson ECarle, Middle, LDurr

Best Practice Lesson The Carnival, Middle, LDurr

Exquisite Corpses

Best Practice Lesson, Printmaking Elem, RBarry

Brianna McCarthy Portraits 2

Adinkra-Inspired Pillows