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Executive Board

The Executive board are elected members with parent authority for the governance of the Art Educators of New Jersey.

Lisa Conklin: President
(2018 Conference Chair)


Lora Marie Durr: President Elect

Jane Graziano: Immediate Past President
(2015, 2016 Conference Chair)

Gene Neglia: Treasurer

Barbara Russo: Secretary


Board of Directors continued

The Board of Directors consists of Co-Chairs with leadership positions that focus on designated work groups. Co-chairs and work group members are volunteers who are committed to maintaining AENJ as an active and thriving organization dedicated to Visual Arts Education.

All members are invited to contribute to a work group. Please contact a Co-Chair listed below if you are interested in joining the good work of AENJ. Scheduled meetings and agendas are determined by the Co-Chairs.

Front/left: Debbie Greh (Executive Director), Teri Trumpbour (Advocacy/Outreach), back/right: Lisa Conklin (Interim President-Elect), Kristy Lopez (YAM State Co-chair), Lora Durr (Advisory Council and Communications), Tamika Diaz (Membership), Sue Catrone (Advocacy/Outreach), Karen Mannino (YAM State Co-chair)

Antonia Germanos, Communications

Tamika Diaz, Membership

Teri Trumpbour: Advocacy/Outreach
E-mail: OR,

Sue Catrone: Advocacy/Outreach
Email: OR,

Larissa Danowitz: Advisory Council Chair

Megan Richards: Advisory Council Co-Chair

Debbie Greh: Historian/Awards

Karen Mannino, Youth Art Month State Chair

Kristy Lopez, Youth Art Month State Chair