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NJPAC 2021-2022 Exhibit Dates and Deadlines* **

for more information email:

*NOTE: Artwork received for the Spring 2021 Exhibit is currently being held by either Kristen Barth or Susan Catrone. If you have any inquiries about current artwork that Susan Catrone accepted for the Late Winter Exhibit or that was sent for the Spring Exhibit and received by Kristen Barth, please contact .

We’re back! Back in the swing of great things to come. AENJ and NJPAC, in-person, starting September 2021! Thirty artworks to be prominently displayed outside the Victoria Theater. Please see below for the upcoming submission deadlines, installation, and reception dates. Volunteers are needed for each installation and to assist with the receptions including creating the program, printing the certificates, taking photographs, and congratulating the hard-working artists. Please contact for volunteering opportunities. ART TEACHERS MUST BE CURRENT AENJ MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE.


2021-2022 NJPAC Dates

Fall Exhibit

Submission Deadline: 9/10/21

Installation: Sunday, 9/19/21 11AM

Reception: Sunday, 10/10/21 11AM *POSTPONED until 1/9/2022

Winter Exhibit

Submission Deadline: 12/1/21

Installation: Sunday, 12/12/21 11AM

Reception: Sunday, 1/9/22 11AM

Late-Winter Exhibit

Submission Deadline: 3/1/22

Installation: Sunday, 3/13/22 11AM

Reception: Sunday, 4/10/22 11AM

Spring Exhibit

Submission Deadline: 6/1/22

Installation: Sunday, 6/12/22 11AM

Reception: Sunday, 6/19/22 11AM

***Beginning 9/1/2021, the exhibits are in-person and the following guidelines are required:


Size of  Artwork: 12 x 18 in. horizontally; 18 x 24 in. vertically 

  • NJPAC provides frames, so these size restrictions are mandatory. 
  • Mount artwork to construction paper 12 x 18” horizontally or 18”x 24” vertically.  Please only mount work to construction paper, no mats, or foam board.
  • You may mount artwork to fit these two sizes (and these sizes ONLY). 

10 pieces of 18 x 24” sized work (vertical orientation only)

20 pieces of 12 x 18” sized work (horizontal orientation only) 

Thirty (30) works will be on display at the show! Please adhere to these size limitations.

  • Be sure to have the AENJ_NJPAC_Back Label completed and attached to the back of each work. 
    • Do not attach any AENJ labels to the front of artwork.  Also do not mat or frame artwork.
    • Do not send color copies of artwork.  Only original pieces of artwork will be exhibited.
    • Please refrain from submitting artwork with copyrighted characters and logos.
    • Please do not STAPLE artwork to construction paper.
    • No 3-D work, acetate, stretched canvas, or canvas board will be accepted.

You must be a current AENJ member to participate.



Send artwork to: 

Kristen Barth

104 Hornsby St

Fords NJ 08863

  • Please do not send cash with the artwork. It is easier and faster to use a paid postage stamp. 
  • Artwork will NOT be mailed back without a paid postage stamp. Please have the post office provide you with an extra postage for re-sending artwork.


See below for previous NJPAC Digital Exhibits:

Fall Exhibit (includes the 2021 Calendar selections celebrating 60 years of YAM)
Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020
Reception: October 18, 2020
Winter Exhibit
Submission Deadline: December 1, 2020
Reception: January 10, 2021
Late Winter Exhibit
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2021
Reception: April 18, 2021
Spring Exhibit
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2021
Reception: June 27, 2021
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