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AENJ College Scholarship and AENJ Graduate Scholarship (formerly, Past Presidents’ Scholarship)


DUE: APRIL 15  11:59PM

AENJ Scholarship applications are ONLY accepted through

Scholarship applications submitted by mail will NOT be accepted.

Please review the following guidelines to familiarize yourself with the questions required for each scholarship as you complete the application online.

These guidelines are to assist you in ascertaining that you have included all materials requested.

Application guidelines:

  • To apply for this scholarship you MUST have a GMAIL account (Google Mail).  If you do not have one go to to create your own gmail account.
  • This GMAIL account gives you access to Google Docs.  You will submit everything for this scholarship through Google Docs and you will complete the Application Form online (see below).
  • Create one (1) document to include the following:  (1) Teaching Philosphy for Art Education, (2) Resume, and (3) Index of Works (form slides).  Each should be on a separate page. SHARE this document with
  • Create or Upload your Portfolio (slide presentation) in Google Docs (see slide requirements below).  SHARE your presentation with
    • You can create the presentation in PowerPoint and upload it to Google Docs or you can create the presentation in Google Docs.
  • Complete the AENJ Scholarship Application Form – online, see link below.
  • NOTE: If selected for this scholarship you will be required to do a presentation at the AENJ Fall Conference.


_____1. Complete Scholarship Application Form online

Click here for application form

_____2.  One (1) Letter of recommendation

  • Recommender must be an AENJ active member for the past 2 years (will be checked with the AENJ Membership Chair)
  • RecommendationLetter must be emailed to from the person’s work/school e-mail address.

Submit the following items through Google Docs  For Google Docs HELP – Click Here

_____3. Philosophy of Art Education (300 words, not a biography)

_____4. Resume (2 page maximum)

_____5. Index of work:

  • Title
  • Media
  • Size

_____6.  Portfolio

Slide Presentation Requirements (5 slides total, including your Title Slide, additional               images will not be viewed)

  • Background – BLACK
  • Font – Arial/Calibri
  • Title Slide – Your Name & Name of Scholarship applying for
  • Slide Information (include on each slice) – Title, Medium, Size
  • Number each slide (1 – 5)
  • Do NOT include your name on each slide

Any material(s) missing from the application will eliminate you from scholarship consideration.

You will receive an e-mail from Sandra Koberlein, Scholarship/Grants Chair that your materials were received. If you do not receive an email with in 48 hours of SHARING your documents with Mrs. Koberlein contact her at: