New Jersey Education Association

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) was founded in 1853 with a desire to improve education and elevate the teaching profession. NJEA has encouraged the AENJ to stand strong alongside all other subjects. They feel it is important for the AENJ to participate at the NJEA Teacher’s State Convention held in Atlantic City and to have a voice in their publication, “The Review,” published monthly (September through June). Although AENJ will not physically be at NJEA this year, we encourage our AENJ members to submit proposals to speak at the NJEA Teacher Conference.

AENJ at NJEA offers all members an opportunity to get artistically and creatively involved at the convention. Art is not just for art teachers anymore!

This year AENJ will have a GALLERY BOOTH of Student Art on display at the 2022 NJEA Convention.

  • This AENJ Back Label must be attached to each submitted artwork.
  • * Art for this exhibition will also be displayed at our Gallery Booth at the NJEA Convention. We will collect student art for these exhibitions at our Fall Conference: Together in Art.
  • ** Be sure to complete both the AENJ Back Label and the Submission form
  • To submit artwork, follow these directions and requirements:
    • Size of Artwork
      • 12 x 18 in. horizontally
      • 18 x 24 in. vertically
        • Mount artwork to construction paper 12 x 18” horizontally or 18”x 24” vertically.
        • Please only mount work to construction paper, no mats or foam board.
        • You may mount artwork to fit these two sizes (and these sizes ONLY).
          • 10 pieces of 18 x 24” sized work (vertical orientation only)
          • 20 pieces of 12 x 18” sized work (horizontal orientation only)
          • Do not attach any AENJ labels to the front of the artwork. Also, do not mat or frame artwork.
  • Please note not all artwork submitted will be on display we will contact you about two weeks before the exhibit to let you know if the work has been selected.
    • Please refrain from submitting artwork with copyrighted characters and logos.
    • Please do not STAPLE artwork to construction paper.
    • No 3-D work, acetate, stretched canvas, or canvas board will be accepted.
    • High-quality printed replicas of student original artworks are encouraged.
    • If submitting original artwork, please provide the appropriately sized self-addressed stamp envelope to return the work.
    • Artwork will only be mailed back with the proper envelope and postage.

2021 NJEA Convention

To learn more about 2021 NJEA Convention or to register

for Nov. 4-5 In – Person and Virtual CLICK HERE

2020 NJEA (AENJ sponsored) presenters needed! *

The deadline for submission EXTENDED March 31, 2020.

The Professional Development and Instructional Issues (PDII) division of NJEA is now accepting presenter proposals for the 2020 NJEA Convention to be held Nov. 5-6, 2020. All proposals to present at the NJEA Convention and at Digital Boulevard must be submitted electronically.

*Presenters sponsored by AENJ must state as such to receive an AENJ honorarium of $100.

Here is the link:

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your request for audiovisual equipment must accompany your proposal submission. NJEA may not be able to provide equipment requested at a later date.
  • NJEA DOES NOT provide computers.
  • NJEA does not reproduce any program materials and will not reimburse you for reproductions costs.
  • If you are a member, please have your PIN and password ready. If you are an NJEA member, please use your pin/password and/or email that we have in our membership database.
  • If there are 2 presenters, you must include them on your proposal before you submit.
  • There will be no changes in logistics (including A/V needs) or presenters related to your program after July 15, 2020.
  • If approved and scheduled to present, you will be sent an email confirmation which you will have to respond as per the directions. If we do not get a response by the deadline in the email, we will have to cancel the program.
  • Proposals cannot be reviewed until you hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button which is at the end. Until doing so, you can save the proposal as a draft and come back to it. Once submitted, changes cannot be made unless you email me directly at which time I can turn it back into draft and then you will have to hit the SUBMIT button again when you are done your changes. Below is what you will see and then you will hit the Submit button.

    Presenting on Digital Boulevard

    The Professional Development and Instructional Issues division of NJEA is also accepting proposals for Digital Boulevard at the 2020 NJEA Convention. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how you use state-of-the-art technology to enhance classroom instruction.

    NJEA members can apply to present in the Teacher to Teacher Learning Area. This is an informal demonstration area for educators to network with other educators. Programs are two 50-minute sessions.

    Please contact Janet L. Royal at or (609) 310-4322 with questions.

2019 Information

As an affiliate of NJEA, AENJ encourages its members to present at the state convention. If you are interested in presenting at the 2019 NJEA Convention, November 7 & 8 in Atlantic City, please click HERE. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2019.

New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) Exhibits

Advocate for your art program at NJEA, Nov. 7-8, 2019

CALL FOR STUDENT ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS – Student work will be collected at our 2019 AENJ conference: ARTify. Please put student work in the large labeled box behind the registration table at 2019 AENJ ARTify.

ART@NJEA is sponsored by AENJ is committed to sharing a sampling of PreK through 12th grade student artwork that is being created in NJ schools. It promises to professionally represent and promote the quality art education that you offer in your school and our state.

ART@NJEA is a special exhibit of student work that will be on display right on the
NJEA Atlantic City Convention floor!
All you have to do to participate, is provide the artwork! The rest will be done for you. It’s that easy. Please consider participating in the 8th Annual ART@NJEA Exhibit! Past shows were an overwhelming success and a real crowd pleaser!

Follow guidelines and instructions below:


  • Select up to 3 pieces per teacher of unframed and unmounted, two-dimensional student work. Please choose work that is a standard frame size: (5×7, 9×12, 12×18) not to exceed 18 x 24 inches. Stretched canvases will be accepted, but canvas boards will not, due to their weight. Stretched canvases will be displayed as is. Make sure any painted work is completely dry. Please properly fix any smearable work. Due to the timing of the show, the work you select may be work from last school year.
  • Label the back of each piece neatly in pencil with the student’s and teacher’s name, and teacher’s email address.
  • Attach a completed back label/permission form to the back of the work. This must be signed by the student’s parent or guardian before you submit the work. Click here to download the AENJ back label / permission form, and here for the guidelines and front labels.
    *This form also requests permission to possibly use the work for a display at NJPAC Exhibits. Please select the box on the form if you give the work permission to travel. Work will be returned at the end of the NJPAC Show.
  • Drop off at the AENJ Conference Registration desk area marked “NJEA Drop-off” from, Oct 5 through Oct 7 before 2:00 pm.
  • Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the work and all other protective materials that you provide. Your submissions will be returned to you by mail after the NJEA convention in November (or after the NJPAC show) as they were received – unmounted and unframed.
To: Lisa Conklin, 5 East Dreahook Road, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08880
Postmarked no later than October 18, 2017. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the work to be returned to you after the NJEA convention in November or supply a return mailing sticker and proper postage. Please do NOT mail money to cover postage or expect another AENJ member to deliver it to you. if you are attending the NJEA convention, you can pick up your work at 2:30pm on Friday at the exhibit.
At the NJEA convention in Atlantic City on November 7-8, 2019!
Each displayed piece will be professionally matted for the show, but will be returned to you as it was provided. Due to space limitations, all work that is submitted may not be selected for the exhibit, but all will be returned in the condition it was received. Care will be made to represent as many schools, grade levels and media as possible. An email announcing the students who will have work on display will be sent to all of the teachers who submitted work for consideration one week prior to the NJEA convention.
AENJ and NJEA are not responsible or liable for any claims, damages, lost items, artwork, injuries or other liabilities of any kind that may arise from participation in this art exhibit. AENJ reserves the right to refuse to include any works that do not properly meet the guidelines and requirements stated above in the call for submissions.
Direct any questions to: Lisa Conklin, or Terri Trumpbour,