AENJ North – Warren, Essex, Morris, Sussex, Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties

North and Central Workshops

New and exciting meetings are tasking place at AENJ. The regional and divisional committees are meeting to collaborate with the arts community of New Jersey. Chaired by Ellen Silverman, the Southern, Central and Northern regions are organizing to provide professional development, hands-on workshops, and collaborative presentations at art venues around the Garden State. The divisions, which are the elementary, middle and high school chairpersons are also working with the regional chairs.

The Southern region, which has been providing activities in their area for years, will be sharing their successful practices with the other regions. Chaired by Diane Driessen, the southern area will be in contact with teachers in that area.

The Central region has organized and begun offering workshops in their area. Last year the well-attended basket-weaving workshop documented the need to continue AENJ activities throughout the year. Chaired by Nancy Knutsen and assisted by Ursula Accumanno, the central area is investigating other activities available in their area.

The Northern region is soliciting members for the committee that will be responsible for distributing information on activities in that region. Essex County Executive, Joseph DiVincenzo, previously provided grant-writing workshops and lectures in the area along with many local art groups in the northern New Jersey counties. Interim Chair, Lonnie Austin, is the contact for this region until a chairperson becomes available.

Today, the Newark, Morris and Montclair Museums are in contact with AENJ. It is our goal to keep our state membership informed of all of the activities available in the areas and to collaborate where possible with the venues, colleges, and services focused on art teachers and teachers.

The Regions and Divisions are meeting at the AENJ conference on Wednesday October 3 at 11:30 AM in the Mirabelle Room. We look forward to meeting all committee and interested members there.

These Museums are offering ‘Education Night’ where teachers are invited to the museums for orientation and light refreshments.
Registration is at the museum website.

DATE         PLACE (register at museum website)  AENJ CONTACT

Oct 6           Newark Museum                                          Alicia Robinson

Oct 11         Montclair Museum                                      Lonnie Austin
or Alicia Robinson

Nov 17       TBA –  Liquitex workshop                           Ursula Accumanno

Jan 24         Morris Museum                                          Lonnie Austin

We will share the dates from other museums as the information becomes available.