Ms. Treya Cooper-Martin

Winslow Township Elementary School #2

Art Is A Line Around Your Thoughts.–Gustav Klimt

Mrs. Martin is an educator that has dedicated her career to embracing artistic abilities and achievements in children. Mrs. Martin is a gifted artist that humbly, and positively impacts the students and community of School #2.

Mrs. Martin is a genuine individual that is highly respected by her colleagues. Her presence is calm and one that others gravitate towards. She has been complimented by guests in the building with statements such as, “she is terrific, you can just feel it” and “the students are so lucky to have her working with them.”

As one of her colleagues stated, “Mrs. Martin is a gifted art teacher who shares her talents with her students and learning community every day.” Mrs. Martin is the creator of our amazing bulletin boards at the Board of Education building, and not surprising that students’ artwork is just as amazing. Mrs. Martin creates an Annual Art Show for the School #2 community which showcases the artwork of every student in the school.

Mrs. Martin works tirelessly to complement the learning environment and she does so gracefully. She remains involved and enhances all events with her personality and artistic talent. She has organized trips to museums, created scenes for the district and school presentations, and played an active role in School #2’s Kindness Rock Project. Parents especially love that Mrs. Martin has connected them to Artsonia which is a way to share and preserve students’ artwork.

Mrs. Martin selflessly devotes her time to the School #2 community and we are especially privileged to have her as our Art Teacher. She remains humble and genuine in her actions and although she does not prefer to be the center of attention, Mrs. Martin must embrace this honor as she is so deserving to be The Teacher of the Year for Winslow Township Elementary School #2.