ARTBEAT: The Magazine of AENJ

ArtBeat is AENJ’s annual magazine that includes articles written by our very own members on a variety of topics related to teaching Art at all grade levels and school/community involvement in the Visual Arts.

Hard copies of ArtBeat magazine are provided ONLY at AENJ’s annual conference and are free! Previous editions of ArtBeat are available on this page for digital download.

Write an article for ArtBeat and help us make this year’s edition a success!

Criteria for submitting an ArtBeat article:

    • Must be a current member.
    •  The article can be anywhere from 600-1,000 words.
    • The article must be formatted as an MS Word document with any images attached separately.
    • Images of a student/students need parental/guardian permission from the student(s) (click here to download permission slip).
    • All articles should focus on: who, what, where, when, how and facts about the events, people, programs, etc. specifically aimed to inform the AENJ membership.
    •  Articles must have references when/where needed AND rights to reprint images (Artists works).
Send all article entries to Megan Richards by May 27, 2021



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