Nicole Lawlor is an art educator at Markham Place School in Little Silver, NJ.

Nicole  has been that Art Teacher at Markham Place School in Little Silver for eight years.   During that time she has created collaborative art projects with the entire student body to raise money for technology equipment in the school.  Working with talented and creative parent volunteers, a new project is designed annually for the entire school to create.  Nicole then transforms the proposed art into a coherent lesson for the entire student body to create in a single day.   Working with an entire grade level at a time, the art project is completed under Nicole’s instruction.  The giant group instruction is facilitated and the completion tracked through google classroom.   The art is sold at a gala auction for private purchase or to be sponsored and displayed in the school.  Over the years, the artwork has not only beautified the school but also raised funds to purchase technology for the school.

Thank you for all you do for your students and for art education!